AP® Literature and Composition Courses teach many of the same scholastic skills and habits which a traditional classical education does. Here are a few reasons why:

  • analysis of themes and characters
  • understanding of language and rhetorical devices
  • detailed application of diction to analysis
  • convergence of great literature with life, culture, and values

The challenge of developing the thinking processes you need in order to pass an AP® Exam in literature, composition, or grammar is also training for the classical way. It’s all about learning to think for yourself by digging into textual details, while simultaneously learning to see the “big picture” and applying what you learn to your understanding of past cultures and, well–to life.

Integritas Academy is now a College Board approved AP® school and we are offering AP® Literature and Composition this 2019-20 School Year. You can find the course description on our Classes page at integritasacademy.com. Feel free to email Cindy Lange at Cindy@integritasacademy.com if you have questions about the course.

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